Summer 2019 Programs

Summer provides the perfect opportunity for students to delve into language art skills without the distraction of school year activities and homework. While students may wish to continue the Total Language Arts Literacy (Total LAL) program we offer during the school year, we offer additional programs in July and August. Our summer courses focus on developing writing, reading, and research skills essential to tackling the rigors of success across the academic curricula. Our courses consist of six sessions starting July 8, 2019. As always, to accommodate a family’s summer travel plans or students’ camp schedules, we customize meeting time to begin sessions earlier or later in the summer to assure students complete programs of their choice by September. To register for classes Contact Director Carol Senff at TWLC of Warren.

College Application Essay Workshop (Rising 12th graders)

College Application Essay Workshop

Considered one of the most challenging and stressful writing assignments a high school student encounters, the college application essay can serve as the tipping point in the application process. As a former Advanced Placement English teacher, Director Carol Senff created a no-nonsense writing program which assures students create dynamic and unique essay responses for both the Common Application and the required, assorted college supplements. On average, six one-on-one writing sessions will allow students to complete all required writing for all applications. Summer is the ideal time for writing and revising the college essay since students can focus their creativity and writing skills exclusively on the application prompts without the distraction of course assignments. Students will be the envy of their friends when they begin senior year without the stress of completing college essays while maintaining honor roll grades in the first semester of 12th grade.

Write Step - Elementary (Grades 3-5)

Designed for our younger students, this program teaches skills which transfer reading comprehension into literature-based writing. Students will read assigned short literary works and write responses with a focus on structure, organization, sentence syntax, modifiers and grammar/ mechanics. Students will learn how to extract literary elements such as plot, character, setting, theme, as well as identify use of figurative language.

Reading for Comprehension/Analysis (Elementary/Middle School Level)

For students who need support with reading comprehension: summarizing main idea, sequencing, inferencing, drawing conclusions, or other reading strategies, this program helps students to learn and practice the techniques of “what good readers do” with guided practice from a certified, experienced reading teacher.

Essential Essays (Elementary / Middle School Level)

allows students to focus exclusively on mastering writing skills necessary to create dynamic writing responses in a variety of genres. Each assignment will require pre-writing, draft, revised and edited copy, and final essay. Students will practice narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and other expository essay styles. Grammar skills will be reinforced as related to development of sentence syntax and style.

Essential Essays (Rising 9th Graders)

For students who will enter high school in September, this program offers a wide-range of academic essay writing. Students will write expository essays with emphasis on thesis, organization and structure as well as revising and editing as integral parts of the process. At the end of the course, students will have created a writing portfolio to support academic writing for the upcoming school year. Freshman required summer reading will be integrated into writing topics.

Essential Essays (High School Level)

This program introduces and reinforces advanced analytical writing skills including command of language and rhetorical imagination which are necessary for the rigors of high school writing prompts. Students will write a variety of expository essays: argumentative/persuasive, precis, literary analysis or critique to practice elements of style necessary to develop and create their own unique writing style.

How to Survive Required Summer Reading (Grades 9-12)

High school students usually receive assigned reading titles in June for next year’s English and/or History classes. This program is devoted to close reading, analyzing, and writing related to summer reading titles. Sessions assure students are prepared for the level of rigor they will encounter in next year’s literary discussions.

Grammar Review (All Grades)

From one word parts of speech to verbals to clauses, knowledge of grammar rules provides ready access to developing an effective and unique writing style. Many language arts classes no longer devote time to teaching grammar, instead focusing on it randomly. Students will learn all facets of grammar rules with a clear understanding of how and when to apply them as well as when and how it is acceptable to bend or alter the rules.

Study Skills Strategies

Students often confuse working hard with working smart when it comes to studying or preparing for any type of course assessment. Our study skills program shows students how working smart is a time saver and can be adapted to all subjects. Sessions explore the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, strategies on how to get organized, use of time effectively, and prioritized learning. Students will master guided notes, retaining information, and use of mnemonic devices. Beneficial for all grade levels.


Test prep programs will be available for those students intending to take the SAT in August or the ACT in September. Practice Tests, test taking strategies and mastery of timed writings are an essential part of the program. Those students considering application to private schools should enroll in the SSAT or ISSE test prep. Sessions are taught by experienced test prep and Advanced Placement teachers.

To register for classes Contact Director Carol Senff at TWLC of Warren.