Princeton Art Museum - Princeton, NJ

Princeton Art Museum

Nestled on the time honored campus of Princeton University, the Princeton Art Museum originated in 1882 with gifts of porcelain and pottery. Today it includes over 80,000 works of art. With a collection that spans antiquity to contemporary works in such abundance, the museum displays a mere 5% of its extensive collection at any given time. It’s most recent exhibit showcases our state’s role in the development of postwar avant garde art. Each work of the 100 pieces on display was produced in or inspire by New Jersey.

Free admission for all visitors is not the only bonus to be found here. The museum offers one hour Highlights Tours on Saturday and Sunday afternoon also for no charge.

Prior to a visit, check out the museum’s web site which offers a wide range of Self Guided Family Activities. By downloading the guide, you provide your family with interactive dialogue to complement your museum tour. In addition, follow up arts and crafts activities are included to encourage children to apply their learning beyond the museum visit.

Located in McCormick Hall, Princeton University, a short walk from Nassau Street in downtown Princeton. Once on campus, follow the lamppost Museum banners. Admission is free for all visitors.

Visit the Princeton Art Museum web site for additional information and a calendar of events.

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