Grounds for Sculpture - Hamilton, NJ

Grounds for Sculpture

A hidden jewel of New Jersey, the Grounds for Sculpture offers a perfect blend of 35 acres of art and nature intertwined to allow visitors to stroll the park-like setting while discovering 270 sculptures ensconced in a variety of landscapes. The pieces reflect the creative talents of a range of artists including J. Seward Johnson, founder and creator of the garden-museum. After his tireless efforts, in 1992 the Grounds for Sculpture opened to the public completing Johnson’s dream of offering art work in a familiar, accessible, and outdoor setting.

A visit to the Grounds, located south of Princeton, will inspire your creativity and allow your imagination to soar. Best of all it’s suitable for families of all ages. A maze of paths encourages visitors to discover artistic hidden treasures, many replicated from the 19th Century Impressionists, sculpted into life-like size. At this unique, outdoor “gallery,” you will see sculptures of scenes from paintings such as Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party, Munch’s The Scream, and Monet’s Garden as well as abstract, modern pieces created exclusively for display at the Grounds. Whether it be the bamboo forest, lake side, or quaint enclosures, sculpted tableaus appear to delight the eye and provide the visitor with the sense of playing a role in the scene. In addition, open areas display large sculptures often interactive or available to touch. Be prepared to turn a corner to the delight of a ballet dancer balancing in step, a cloud suspended in air, or a table of card players frozen in time.

Grounds for Sculpture is located at 16 Fairgrounds Rd. in Hamilton, NJ. Admissions is $15 for adults/$10.00 for students. The Grounds includes the well-known, Rats Restaurant, modeled after the town of Giovanny, France, home of Monet. It also provides smaller cafes for eating on the premises. Be sure to begin your trip at the visitor’s center where a map and video are available to acquaint you with the history and range of artistic appreciation found at the Grounds for Sculpture - the perfect place to share with visitors from around the world.

Visit the Grounds for Sculpture web site for additional information.

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