Today's World Learning Center of Warren Programs

Programs offered at TWLC of Warren are designed for enrichment for students in need of additional academic and creative challenges beyond those introduced in today’s traditional language arts classroom.

When the late Barb Henke, founder of TWLC of Basking Ridge, invited me to join her staff in 2011, her dream to expand both programs and a facility for the learning center were in progress. Today in our Warren location with teaching staff who possess experience and expertise in the language arts classroom, we continue to deliver and expand the original language arts program of our TWLC (Basking Ridge) founder. Our solid emphasis on the foundation of effective writing skills permeates all subject areas in all courses at all grade levels. Our students master the rudiments of communication in order to develop and extend the habits of analytical readers and reflective writers. Our long range goal is to cultivate a student’s curiosity, creativity, and inquisitiveness for learning across the curriculum.

Our teaching staff consists entirely of NJ certified teachers who hold Bachelors and Masters Degrees in language arts/education. Owner and Director, Carol Senff is a retired Advanced Placement English teacher and Language Arts Supervisor (K-12). This wealth of experience better serves students who invest time and effort in TWLC of Warren’s programs. On-going professional development assures students receive the most relevant and dynamic range of enrichment classes in communication.

We offer sessions to students either privately or with a partner. Typically, individual students meet for weekly 45 minute sessions, but may also opt for one hour meetings. Partners meet with a teacher for weekly one hour sessions.

As one of our elementary students recently told me, “You helped me bloom.” For those parents who believe their students also need to bloom, recommit, or revamp their approach to learning, the new year may be the perfect time to make a change. If so, please feel free to contact us at or 908-642-2444. We would be happy to discuss your child’s language arts needs and explain details of our enrichment programs. TWLC Logo

Customer Testimonial - (more testimonials)

"Thank you for over a year of support and eye-opening, horizon-broadening instruction. You helped turn writing into a complex, artistic medium. I am greatly indebted to you and always look forward to our sessions."

~9th grade student

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